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The primary concern for any parent is protecting the child's future from the devastating effects associated with an criminal arrest or charge.  It is imperative to avoid prosecution in adult court where penalties and consequences are far more serious.  Hiring an experienced attorney may result in the case remaining in the juvenile system to address the child's rehabilitative needs.

Talking to the Police and A Juvenile's Right to Remain Silent

When police are conducting a criminal investigation, many parents understandably encourage their child to answer all of the officer's questions.  Although well intentioned, when the child is suspected of having committed a crime, answering questions may not be in the child's best interest. Regardless of whether the child is guilty or not, answering questions is rarely in the child's best interest.  Many attorneys agree that if your child is the target of an investigation, he/she should invoke his/her absolute and constitutionally guaranteed right to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions until he/she has consulted with an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, Edward Liebling, has extensive experience representing juveniles including:

 •Serious felony charges

•Sex offenses (including molestation of another child)



•Drug offenses (possession, sale & trafficking)





•Traffic and misdemeanor offenses


•Criminal mischief


•Reckless driving

•Underage possession of alcohol

•Underage possession of tobacco

Possession of weapon(s)

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