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Murder and Homicide

If you or a loved one have been charged with an offense ranging from first degree murder

to manslaughter, there can be no substitute for a highly experienced attorney in your

corner coordinating the defense.  The penalties related to a homicide charge require the

skills of a specialist.

Edward Liebling is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist specializing in homicide cases and has been lead counsel in nearly 100 jury trials including 17 first degree murder representations.  Since 1993, Mr. Liebling has been recognized as Florida Supreme Court qualified to represent persons charged with murder in the first degree and the State of Florida seeking death as a possible penalty. 

A murder charge is of the most complex to defend and a successful outcome is often dependent on an attorney's early intervention.  There are situations that may justify or excuse the  killing of another human being.   Depending on the facts of each case and the decision of the client, a homicide case may be tried before a jury or a negotiated disposition with prosecutors will be sought.

There are several degrees of homicide that a person may face such as murder in the first degree, second degree murder, third degree murder, felony murder, manslaughter, etc.    Each of which has its own complexities in the formulation of a defense.  Many defendants and their families often have a difficult time understanding the legal concept of felony murder.  That is, the death of another while perpetrating an enumerated crime.  In these situations, death is not necessarily contemplated or expected, nonetheless, life sentences are routinely imposed upon conviction.

There are occasions when a person is killed but no crime has been committed because the killing is justified or excused. Self defense is such an example.  When a person reasonably believed that his or her own life was in danger, self-defense can be used to defend against a murder charge.

Other defenses include insanity in which a person may be excused from criminal liability due to severe mental illness at the time of the killing in that he or she did not appreciate the nature of the act or its consequences. Sometimes an incident is nothing more than an accident and not criminal in nature.

Some accused persons may be misidentified or may have a rock solid alibi that proves that he or she were not present when the killing took place.  False identification and testimony by witnesses or victims is more common than generally understood and is a fertile area for examination.  

Early intervention and investigation by a lawyer that specializes in homicide cases is  your best defense.

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