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Sex Crimes Defense

Charges of sexual misconduct are often the result of a broken relationship,

a divorce or a custody battle. While no one wants to believe that a person

— especially a child — would lie about a sex crime, it can and does happen.

Under pressure from overzealous police officers, prosecutors and victim

advocates, even a family member can become a convincing witness against

the accused. If you are accused of improper sexual contact, for your own

protection, retain a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist.

If you are accused of sexual assault or battery, it can seem like you have no chance at a successful outcome because of the treatment you receive from law enforcement, prosecutors and the rest of the criminal justice system. During these times, a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist who knows what it takes to protect your constitutional rights.  

DO NOT talk to the police or prosecutors without a lawyer present. Anything you say can and will be used against you.  Any statement you make may constitute evidence that law enforcement otherwise does not have.  What you say may be interpreted the wrong way and used against you.


Sexual assault and sexual battery:  When a person makes sexual contact with someone else without that person’s explicit permission, it’s considered sexual assault or sexual battery. This may include forced sexual intercourse, child molestation, incest and other forms of unwanted sexual touching. In Florida, sexual assault and sexual battery are considered serious felonies and can result in substantial prison sentences and large fines.   The use of a weapon or extreme physical force will further enhance the penalties, and in some cases, a guilty verdict could result in a mandatory life sentence.  Some cases are related to internet sex crimes.

In addition to the fines, probation and incarceration associated with these crimes, you may also be required to register as a sex offender. This can impact where you can live, your employment and furthering your education. It also comes with a social stigma and can greatly affect your standing in the community.

Prostitution and solicitation:   The state of Florida explicitly prohibits prostitution and solicitation. The penalties for solicitation can be severe.  A first offense is generally considered a misdemeanor, however, for subsequent offenses the charges and penalties are enhanced up to and including to felonies.  If you’ve been accused of prostitution or solicitation be aware that the government does not consider these victimless

crimes and are treated as serious offenses.

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